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In our novel The Most Happy, George Boleyn thrives as an important member of his brother-in-law Henry's Court. Anne's ability to give Henry sons secured for she and her family wealth, power, titles and all good things. George has been able to work as an Ambassador on the King's behalf on several important diplomatic missions while always making sure to be well aware of the mercurial King's temper and mood.

One thing that he had been able to obtain above all others that his heart desired was an annulment of his marriage to Jane Parker with whom in ten years of marriage had not even had a miscarriage much less been able to give George the heirs he needed. He had had two illegitimate sons by his mistress so he could prove it was not he who was at fault.

This predicament was one that the King understood all too well but at least in this case, Jane agreed to retire to her country estates and live out her life there. This left George free to find a ward (a well endowed ward of course) who he could then marry.

Such a girl was found in the person of Elizabeth Sandys -- sister and heir of Sir Anthony Sandes of Throwley, Kent. Fifteen at the time of their marriage which took less than three months to arrange, Elizabeth proved herself by having twin boys within a year. George then asked permission to lease the palace of Beaulieu from the King to use as the seat of his family while in England.

The King, in order to show his approval of George's latest mission to the court of France, instead gave Beaulieu to the Ormunds as a late wedding gift. As far as George could see, with care, his life was set to be a good one.

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