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Kaitha Aeris Tovenaar

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Merigold Air Wizard


Runt (Torin only)

27 1/2 Apparent Age (if different): *Height: 5'5 *Build/Weight: Petite and thin *Hair: Black *Eyes: Ice Blue Complexion: Pale *Identifying Marks (if present): Freckles Clothing:Wears a long sleeved crew neck shirt of earth tone colours, khaki pants, and shoes similar to all weather mocs. She also has a light brown cloak. Personal Items usually carried: Sound of voice: Accent:Slight Irish Personal Information: Home Planet: Kintarah Planet of Residence: Birth Family: Tovenaar Second Family: *Personality: Kaitha is extremely outgoing and self confident. She's not afraid to let people know when she thinks that they are doing something wrong. she's also very independent, somewhat bossy and stubborn. She's also a good judge of character in a person. *Occupation: Anthropologist *Skills and Abilities:Kaitha has been taught some light and dark magic. *Weapons Used: Daggers (Aylric insisted that she learn to use them), Zev taught her to use a long knife and a recurve bow. Background Information: *Marital Status: Single *Children: None *Blood or Soul Bonds: *History: Misc Information: Kaitha is vegetarian Kaitha loves learning about other races and their cultures Kaitha's soul is ice blue interwoven with strands of white and dark purple. Kaitha's scent is of tea roses Kaitha is afraid of spiders Avatar Credit: Soleil Moon Frye

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