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In the time of the Great Culling, for such was the name given by the Inuit Snow Wolves to the destruction of the wolves of Somerset Island, Amaruq had lost two sons, a daughter-in-law and four grandchildren. Leaving him alone and without kin to care for or for them to take care of him.

When the Society had come and declared that nothing could or should be done to avenge those whose lives had so senselessly been destroyed it left Amaruq in a state of helpless rage. It was too much for an old man to bear and, eventually, he fell prey to the cheap death that alcohol could bring. But he always woke up and the pain and anger returned.

Until one morning, a young man was sitting in a chair in his kitchen as Amaruq staggered out of his bedroom. "Who the hell are you!??"

"My name is Siku and I am going to kill the men who murdered our families and destroyed our home. You think you can sober up long enough to help or should I just leave you to your vodka?"

From that moment on, Amaruq has never touched a drop of alcohol and he became Siku's shadow. He helped plan and was there for every death as Siku followed the chain at last to the Earl whose betrayal caused so much pain.

Once vengence had been wrought, Siku had set Amaruq up in a home in San Franciso where, Amaruq had become Siku"s right hand man in Siku's business.

Now that Siku and Rose are back, howerver, Amaruq has moved in with them as housekeeper, helper with the children and is as much a grandfather to them as he would have been to his own long lost grandchildren.

It took some settling in but after a first six months or so of he and Rose sorting out just who was who and who did what all was well and Amaruq had an apartment on the groundfloor of the Pacifia home.

It was good to have family again.

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