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Child of a Servant of Mut, grandchild of a Servant of Mut, Mutemhab knew of no other life than that of the Temple of Mut. Nor did she wish to know other...

But fate was unkind to those who served the Netjeru when they took the life of Osiris Amunhotep's eldest son and left the Crown of the Two Lands to his younger, stranger son.

She was but a child when the women who observed and served Ma'at gathered up all that was precious and fled south. Mutemhab found herself keeping company with another frightened young child: Karamy, the seven year old Divine Votress of Amun, who understood no more than did Mutemhab what that night's events were to mean to them or to Kmt.

For ten long years, the God's Wife and the First Servant of Mut kept faith with their duties. They established a sanctuary in the city of Nubt and began again the sacred duties of their temples. In hiding they built the core of women needed to continue the rites and rituals so very important for the balance that all in Kmt needed to survive and regain the glory that had been theirs before the madness of the Nameless One threw that glory into the mud of the Hap.

Mutemhab had been at the right hand of Rudjedet, First Servant of Mut for all of those years and all expected that it would be she who followed Rudjedet when the older woman passed into the west. As Second Servant, she was with the First Servant as they sailed north and Rudjedet's thin hold on life began to unwrap. So completely was this understood by all that when Takhat reached forth to take the signet from Rudjedet's hand unbidden that Mutemhab had cried out at the disrespect.

Having no choice at this incredible display of disrespect, the God's Wife silenced both Mutemhab and Takhat and took charge of the Household of Mut. She had had to beg forgiveness and ask to be allowed to stay, silent and alone at the back of the deck shelter lest she be parted from the woman she thought of as her mother in this life and the next when she passed. It was a greatly saddened and chastened Mutemhab who stepped ashore to the ruins of the precinct of Mut.

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