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Éomer, born in the 2991 year of the Third age was the son of Éomund. Éomund was a descendant of Éofor, the third son of the Mark’s second King Brego, thus making his family part of the House of Éorl . Éomer’s mother was Théodwyn, sister of King Théoden. Éomund and Théodwyn also had a daughter named Éowyn in the year 2995 of the Third Age.

Tragically in the year 3002, when Éomer was eleven, Éomund was slain in battle with Orcs. Théodwyn died of grief shortly afterward After the death of their parents, Théoden adopted them as his own children. Éomer became the third Marshal of the Mark, and was a strong leader of Men. He was honored highly, prized extensively by the king, and was good friends with Théodred, son of Théoden who loved him like a brother.

Disclaimer: this site is for entertainment purposes only. While these characters exist in the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien our use of them or any further information from his works implies no fashion of "ownership" nor does the use of any images from New Line Cinema's Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

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