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   From a family of landed gentry, Orfeo grew up in one of the larger houses in Brazia. Emphatically opposed to his father’s desire that he become a lawyer, he only agreed to attend the university in the hopes that he’d never see his father again. He spent his tuition on art classes to shape his already gifted hand, remarkable attention to detail, and uncanny execution. Orfeo is distractable but keenly observant, finding beauty in everything, even the most mundane things. He never goes anywhere without — at the very least — charcoals and a portfolio of drawing paper. But, if at all possible, he makes sure to have a blank canvas, pigments, and brushes near to hand.

Orfeo is fiercely independent, more so than his two friends. When there is a dispute between the other two, Orfeo arbitrates, and they often look to him as a leader and decision-maker. Typical of an artist, Orfeo can be moody — easily vexed but also easily cheered. He is a man of extremes — a lover and a fighter… a sage and a fool… the damnedest of sinners and the most devout of saints. He tempers his mood always with wine, perhaps more than he should, and generally it balances him out.

Swarthier than his compatriots, Orfeo has black hair, a small beard and moustache, grown out wild like someone who puts little care into his appearance. In spite of this, the negligence suits him well, for he is ruggedly handsome and owes something to the dusky Bauxelle blood that has blessed his lineage.

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