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Grace Caroline Langton (Above Image of Actress: Dilraba Dilmurat (sp?))

Age: 22

Adopted Birthdate: Adopted: January 29 1916

Adopted Birthplace: Barnsley, England. The ancestral home of the Langton family. Langton family is one the oldest family in England that stretches back to 12th Century.

Current Residence(s): Langton Manor, Barnsley England

Residence #2: Plum Rose Lodge, North Yorkshire England (gifted estate by Vice Admiral Millwood)

The Langton Family


Father: Nathan Charles Langton (b. September 4, 1889) He is in his late forties early fifties, still handsome with graying in his dark brown hair. He is Commander of the Metropolitan Police Department and also of Scotland Yard. Semi-retired

Mother: Agnes Caroline (nee Millwood) Langton (b. 18 May 1890)

Sibling(s): 5 Children in total. One died infancy.

Grace Caroline Langton (Adopted Date: b. January 29, 1916) She was adopted by the Langton family and she is of Chinese origin.

Close Family or Friends

Maeve Millwood, Cousin to Grace (through Maeve’s father William Millwood‘s middle sister Agnes (nee Millwood) Langton

Dr. Thomas Squire, fiancee of Maeve Millwood

David (Weimin) Ma He is friend of the Langton family and a love interest to Grace. Unbeknownst to Grace, he is also Chinese Police Detective, who is assigned to look for her.(See the image above: Gao Wei Guang)

The Biography of Miss Grace Langton

There is very little that we know of Miss Langton’s birth or her background. The only thing that we do know of is that Grace Langton was adopted into the Langton family some twenty years ago in Hong Kong, China.

It was in Hong Kong that a local magistrate saw the British couple, Nathan and his wife, Agnes walking around and asked them to visit him at his home. The local magistrate then asked the British couple…more like beg them to take a infant girl home with them back to England. Previously before this visit, the magistrate asked the British consulate to create a passport for the infant…how little did he know that this British couple would save the infant prior to meeting them.

It was fate that was destine for the infant girl for a new life in England with a loving family.

For Grace, she doest know what her true origins are or that she descended from a long line Chinese nobility that once graced Forbidden City in Beijing. She is slightly related to Maeve Millwood.

Who know that the painting or whatever it was hidden in the painting would lead to Grace and her destiny.. What ever that is.

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