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Charles Brandon is the closest thing Henry VIII has in his life as a true friend and confidante. Anne, his wife, fills such a role in many ways but there are things that can only said between men and it is to Charles that Henry turns for such things.

But Charles is no fool. He and Anne have become fast friends as their only desire is to make sure that Henry is happy and continues to favor both of them above all others. Whether or not Henry knows (or cares) about the alliance of his Queen and his Duke is unsure but since both Anne and Suffolk are very careful in what is really the mangement of a King, both have been able to successfully walk the tightrope that is Henry's favor.

Our Charles Brandon is, in 1541 married to the former Catherine Willougby with whom he has two sons: Henry (now six) and Charles (who just turned four). The older boy, Henry, will become part of the household of the Prince of Wales as the Viscount Lisle while the younger Charles will remain in his parents' household at Court.

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