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NOTE TO ALL: I will be off Pan indefinitely till Real World issues have been resolved. This is not about Pan or its members. Just the real world and what it conjures up. I will return as soon as things settle down Take Care all!!


Niska was an old man, grandfatherly in appearance, with a Slavic accent (probably Czech). His seemingly benign appearance masked a ruthless, sadistic and cunning personality. By the time he encountered the crew of the Serenity, he had established a reputation for cruelty and violence. He seemed to take pleasure in torturing his victims, viewing the practice as an art form, known by a former dictator, Shan Yu

He had an antique Tiffany lamp on his desk (which was worth a fortune, being an authentic relic from Earth-That-Was). He had a henchman named Crow, until Malcolm kicked him into the ship's engine intake.

His center of business was on an artificial satellite known as Skyplex, in orbit around the world of Ezra. His assistant was a man named Viktor and he eventually found a replacement for Crow as his torturer. After he captured and tortured Reynolds and Hoban Washburne, the rest of the Serenity's crew invaded the Skyplex and killed many of Niska's top associates in the process of rescuing their comrades. Niska managed to escape the battle.

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