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From the Jedi Archives of Jedi Mistress Provida Skywalker

Jedi Mistress Provida Skywalker

Race/Specie: Mirialan *force sensitive*

Rank::Jedi Mistress and General


Homeworld: Mirial

Hair color: Ebony

Skin color: Creamy tan

Eye color: Sapphire blue

Height: 5’7"

Tattoos or Markings::Tattoos across her nose and cheeks and several small tattoos on both of her hands

Education: Sent to Coruscant at age 4 for Jedi Training...Very gifted student.

Martial status:: Single

The Skywalker Family:

Father: Ernan Skywalker, Senator of Milian

Mother:Sharman Barriss Herewood, (Princess)

Sibling(s)::Kieren (brother)

Her teacher: Jedi Master Gaeriel Vesta, a friend of Jedi Master Sinon Herewood

Provida Skywalker’s Bio:

Born and partially raised on Mirial, a cold desert world. My species, the Mirialan, are force sensitive; which is well-preserved on my homeworld in most people.. My family is made up of my parents, Ernan and Sharman Skywalker and my older brother, Kieren Skywalker. My father, Ernan is Senator of Mirial, my mother being of noble background and my older brother Kieren is my father’s Aid. My entire family is Force sensitive.

During my early years, my parents knew that I had a destiny to play, to which they started placing tattoos across my nose and along my cheeks and also three small diamond shaped tattoos on tops of my hands. During a trip to Coruscant, my father introduced me to an old friend of his, a Jedi Master Sinon Herewood, who must have sensed that I am very gifted with the Force. This was when I was about 3 years old.

From that first meeting with Jedi master Sinon Herewood, I was taken at an early age of 3years old to be raised within the confines of the Jedi Temple and the tenets of the Jedi Code. Despite rigid schooling in Jedi doctrine, I had an impulsive streak frowned upon by more conservative Jedi Masters. While I was reserved by nature and not easily intimidated, there were times that I much preferred wielding my lightsaber rather than following the protocols of diplomacy. My attempts to overcompensate for my youthful exuberance sometimes gave the impression of a cold demeanor. In combat, I specialized in tandem fighting. With my connection to the Force allowed me to perfectly synchronize my actions with that of my Master.

A few months before the Battle of Geonosis, my Master Gaeriel Vesta and I, we joined Master Obi-wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywaller on a mission to aid in a border dispute on Ansion. During the mission, I became infatuated with Anakin, but I never but did not let it become any larger.

During the years that followed, I became a Padawan of my mentor and friend Gaeriel Vesta and we went on assignments to various systems to curb the violence or what not. During one year, I ventured to Naboo without my Master, and helped out there and met with current ruler of Naboo at the time and became close friends. Every two years I would go back to Naboo and meet with the new ruler of Naboo.. During one of this visits, I met young Afra Jade, Princess of Theed, (Mayor of the city) and in two years later, I arrived for my close friend, Afra Jade become the new Queen of Naboo.

From the first time, I met Afra Jade or Queen Afra, we became very close.. much like sisters. I felt from her that she is also Force sensitive and that she has lost someone very close to her heart.

Little bit more about me; I am caring, patient and sometime have impulsive streak and well loved by all that know me. My appearance is that I am a very attractive female with long ebony hair with sapphire blue eyes. My skin complexion is greenish-yellow complexion with tattoos across my nose and along my cheeks and four small tattoos in a shape of a small diamond on top of both of my hands. Dressed in regal attire of a Jedi Master along with my lightsaber with blue flame when turned on.

During the reign of Queen Afra of Naboo, I was greatly honored by her when she gave me a royal title of Royal Protectorate of Naboo. This was for my duty as a Jedi Knight and as soon as the Jedi Council found out about this.. I was given a promotion as Jedi Mistress.

With that, I remain close friends with Her Majesty Queen Afra of Naboo and became her Royal Protectorate and those of her most trusted Handmaidens to this very day...

HRM Queen Afra of Naboo with two of her Handmaidens * see below*

This website is brought to you by the following website. I'm sorry to say that the link to the website is no longer clickable.

Character Disclaimer: Provida Skywalker is a sole creation that I have created some 9 years ago before Panhistoria was created. My Provida character was at one time part of SciFiSites and SciFiVine websites before they were closed and then came in PanHistoria.

Character Disclaimer #2: Provida Skywalker is no way related to the Skywalker clan nor she will ever be. Provida Skywalker is solely created and copyrighted @ on this date: June 13, 2006 - 2011

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