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Vivien VanAllen-Dashwood: That is my birth name, I have been known all my life as Cliadissa Lena Star, though I have now adapted my name for both. Cliadissa Vivien VanAllen-Dashwood is my name at now. I prefer just... Cliadi.

As many of you may recall my childhood has been rife with strange activities and confusion. I was raised in foster care, believing them to be my own family, until I unearthed the truth of my identity. I then began attending Beaubatons Academy of magic in France, discovering yet more about my past and present self. My school days have been a haze of happy days, and sad events. The disappearance of one boyfriend…and the death of another, the loss of friends, and the loss of myself at points.

I have been reunited with members of my real family; I am one of three triplets and of four sisters: Shannyn, Sierra, and Arania. I regret to inform you that the loss of my eldest sister Arania was caused by my own hand. She had been driven mad by death eaters and forced to kill our own mother at a young age, when she turned on me, crazed and violent last summer, I chose to defend myself. My other sisters having grown up primarily in the muggle world did attempt to integrate into the magical, but chose eventually to live private and quiet lives.

It turns out that I was born on October 31st, in Ireland, near the capital of Dublin. My parents did not by any means lead quiet lives, my mother was Rosealie Dashwood, a Irish Ministry Aurer, my father is Thomas VanAllen, a English member of parliament, and also involved in the English ministry of magic. I have been adamantly spending time with my new found father, and grandmother, learning about my family and in the process, myself. I am now 16 years old, and am in my sixth year of school.

Pets-an owl named Sweeney Jack and two wolves Requiem and Haven.

School- Student at Beauxbatons Academy in France, in house Pheonix

Cliadi as an Animagus

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