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   Once upon a time, Eru Ilúvatar spoke unto his thoughts and struck a chord calling all creation into existence.

And it was good.

The music of creation sounded into the darkest corners of the great void, embroidered by the melodies of the Ainur. And it was good... until one of them began to sing his own melody.

Thus the wrath of Eru Ilúvatar came to be in his creation.


I am one of the Falmari (or Sea Elves as we are also called by men). Like all of my kin, I delight in the sea and in music. Unlike most of my kin, I left Tol Eressëa returning to Arda at the end of the War of Wrath and before the Drowning of Numenor.

In my youth, I delighted in interactions with the Númenóreans. There was pleasure found in conversing with the Second Kindred; sharing my joy in feats of arms and song equally. Yet, as the shadow of Sauron grew within Númenór, my visits grew less frequent and my heart heavier.

In Imladris, I joined the hosts of Gil-galad and Elendil as part of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. All was going well; the combined armies had driven Sauron back through the Morannon into Mordor, to besiege the Dark Lord's fortress of Barad-dûr. Then in S.A. 3441, I was wounded on a task given to me by Gil-galad. Taunted by the forces of Sauron that I would be turned into a weapon against the Elven High King, I retreated from battle shedding armour and identity to escape that shadow.

For many long years I toiled under the cruel eyes of the men of Rhud, Harad, and other forsaken lands. When I could, it was my joy to lend fire and steel to defeat their villainous plans. Until the day when a shadow rose once more in the east and my old wounds once more plagued me.

In their hubris, the men of the east called me Eruraviel*~ mocking and condescending. Until I have avenged myself of the cruelties they have done upon the free peoples, that is how I shall be known.

*Eruraviel -- the lioness of god

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