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The day had been punctuated by the sounds of swearing, grunting and thrown tools; and that was just from the Pear brother’s work area. They hadn’t had a chance to wander over and see what was going on yet as the generator was failing to turn over and Jon was determined to figure out why. While the task wouldn’t have normally taken most of the day, they had needed to stop twice to help in other areas of camp.

“Focus brother,” Jon chided his brother, Jan.

“Aren’t you curious?” Jan asked while looking sharply over his shoulder. “Whatever they have found is causing excitement.”

“I am sure we will know soon enough.” Jon replied reasonably.

“We would have known hours ago if you would have let me go look.”

The two brothers looked at each other for a moment before Jon went back to finishing the last turn of a wrench. The older brother did not need to, nor want to, remind his younger sibling why he was being cautious about letting Jan out of his sight. The reason they found themselves literally in the middle-of-nowhere had everything to do with that reason.

“Done.” Jon said, “Give it a try.”

The generator wasn’t much to look at. It was one of the smaller models, which was for the best given where they were but it also did not offer a great deal of output. The best it could give the camp was a few hours of light each night. Since arriving, Jon and Jan, had spent more time repairing or fabricating tools. If one could overlook the heat, it wasn’t a bad gig.

“Great. Its fixed. Now can we go look?”

“Sure.” Jon replied while wiping his hands clean.

When they got through the throng of workers, the brothers found themselves staring at a stairway. It was certainly more than they had found so far. Jon started to have concerns of their whereabouts becoming known if this dig ended up being as big as deal as Carter’s own site. Maybe that wasn’t his only concern; Jan’s fingers were twitching.

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