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What does it matter if I fail to meet the standards set to be a lady in either the social or titular sense? I have accrued both money and power so those who know me have come to accept my satirical claim even though they may find it incongruous with the manner I achieved fortune and notoriety.

Indecent others suggest. In a world where men are congratulated on their daring and questionable ethics, a woman is condemned. Unless, of course, she is remarkably successful! Perhaps there is not a moral precept that I haven’t bent or flouted but I have managed to make a place amongst the most affluent of men.

Those other ladies have missed a lot of living! I do as I wish and fear not the disdain of such as them. Besides, when their gallant husbands wish to enjoy themselves, where do they turn? And do they not pay generously for the privilege?

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