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Physical Description:
Daerkal Celeblasse
Meaning of Name:
Shadow’s light Silverleaf
Nick name:
Native American
For more information please see the character's timeline
Apparent Age (if different):
Late teens to early twenties
6 foot 5
Wide shoulders and slender waist of his people
Black, waist length, typically kept in a single braid
Forest green with a lighter green around the pupil
Copper bordering on bronze
*Identifying Marks (if present):
Blood red birthmark on his left bicep
  • Generally black, button down, sleeveless shirt

  • Black leather pants that lace in the front

  • Typically barefoot but on a occasion a pair of worn dark brown knee boots

Personal Items usually carried:
  • A thunderbird (the Silverleaf Totem) carved from a limb of his Birth-tree on a cord around his neck.

  • A signet ring in the shape of a silver band engraved with a vine of leaves
Personal Information:
Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:
Second Family:
Daerkal is a cheerful child with a happy-go-lucky attitude and a wild imagination that is encouraged by his mother and siblings. He’s honest and speaks what is on his mind without sounding rude and can be depended on to be the friend that tells the truth when others try to deny or gloss over it.

He loves learning and is almost sponge like when it comes to knowledge. He loves solving puzzles and the trickier it is the more engrossed he becomes, coupled with quick reflexes and fingers he has a promising career in the ‘family business’.

Daerkal is strong willed and will not walk away from a challenge. However, he also knows when he’s in over his head and time to get help.
Warrior in training
*Skills and Abilities:
Daerkal can shift into a black panther and a grey wolf and it isn’t unusual to find him in this form as much as his birth form. His main element is water; his second element is shadows

Languages Spoken:
  • Common
  • Shroudling
  • Taurësúlë

*Weapons Used:

Background Information:
*Marital Status:
*Blood or Soul Bonds:
  • Silverleaf Tapestry

Daerkal was born to Shadow Silverleaf and Dakien Sorntur (deceased) who was killed before he was born. He was born in Sha'dar (There was a bit here about altered physiology, but I think that needs reviewed because from what I saw, the discussion was leaning toward him being born in Shadar with the revision - M)

Misc Information:
  • Daerkal was delivered by Silverthorn

  • Silverleaf blood is almost black in colour when beaded, with a silver sheen. The silver sheen is do to the excessive amount of Sildanai blood that runs through their veins. If extreme amounts of blood is lost something akin to steam will rise from the blood, sapping the silver from it

  • Arlsynian Elves have a natural cooling and heating “system”. Their bodies adjust to the temperature around them. When in a hot setting, their body temperature will rise so that the air around them will feel cool, when in a cold setting; their body temperature will drop below the air around them so that it will warm. In summary, when a non Arlsyn elf (or someone that is not directly connected to an Arlsynian elf) touches them, their skin will feel freezing or “like ice” in a cold climate, while their skin will feel burning up, or “on fire” in a hot climate when the adjusting first takes place. Their skin then feels either cool or warm to the touch.

  • Daerkal’s soul is Emerald green and silver and takes the shape of a thunderstorm.

  • Daerkal smells of clean water.

Avatar Credit: Beiron Andersson
  1. Born - Destruction of a Sane Mind
    - Born to Shadow Silverleaf in Shadar, Delivered by Silverthorn Badb Catha
  2. 1 - - Becomes seriously ill
  3. 16 - Blood Moon Rising
  4. 23 - Crucible of the Storm
  5. 24 - Shattered Rest - attends his mother's wedding to Turq Ara'Lyban
  6. 26 - Magnum Opus

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