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When Rome is in ruins, we are the lions, free of the colosseum.

Diemos is the son of Silverthorn Badb Catha and Daemonorel Ashev. He and his twin sister are a notorious duo known around the Keep for their teaming up on unfortunate victims - sometimes under orders a request from their Vesahd, Cal Blackthorn. The list of those afflicted with their keen interest includes, but is not limited to Brandyn n'Aelin and Zachory Ildia. Brandyn was interrogated befriended by them in the throne room; Zachory was forcibly collared like an animal and almost drowned politely warned to temper his sadistic nature.

Both of the Ashev kids are growing up, and quickly as children must do in the Keep to survive. Diemos has a love interest, Alantha... well. It's complicated... but each will always be the 'other man' or 'other woman' in their siblings' lives: Diemos needs Alantha's decisiveness, she needs his stability. He is her voice of reason when Rage threatens to strip her ability to think. She is his catalyst to take action and do it with confidence.

She will become a Captain of a Wing in the Vesahd's young Black Guard, Diemos is her Right Wing Guard, her Lieutenant. Together, they will lead and will be devastatingly effective at it.

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