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If you're brave enough to get through the darkness then you shall shine in the light.” ― Matthew Donnelly

Brandyn was born to a Silvanii female of the serving caste in the Silmetaura. He is the equivalent of 'white trash' or street trash in Human terms. But one thing about him, one thing that labels or words can't truly define, is his brightness of spirit. Brandyn's joy and compassion continue to shine despite his rough upbringings, despite being one of the exiled 9th and 12th Legions, despite all the wars and killing and pain and misery he's been through. He volunteered during a dark hour to be Broken, and it was in a water filled sarcophagus he died the first time. It was the latent Storm Rider genes that brought him back and held him together... and led him to his true home: The Blackthorn Keep.

Now he's discovering who he truly is... and that person still shines with an indomitable will and joy of spirit.

I'm a living sunset, lightning in my bones
Push me to the edge but my will is stone
'Cause I believe in a better way

Fools will be fools and wise will be wise
But I will look this world straight in the eyes
I believe in a better way

What good is a man who won't take a stand
What good is a cynic with no better plan
I believe in a better way

Reality is sharp; It cuts at me like a knife
Everyone I know is in the fight of their life
And I believe in a better way

Take your face out of your hands and clear your eyes
You have a right to your dreams and don't be denied
I believe in a better way

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