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Physical Description:
Tatiana Prasnaglava Dumitru
Meaning of Name:

580 as of 2011
Apparent Age (if different):
5 foot 6
Dark brown, wavy
Dark brown almost black
Natural tan
*Identifying Marks (if present):

Whatever she feels like at the time.
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
Birth Family:
Second Family:
Sire’s Family:
Tatiana is quiet and reserved but passionate. She is friendly without being overly so and without seeming to be snobbish.
*Skills and Abilities:
  • Tatiana is sensitive to light, especially sunlight, but it doesn’t kill her
  • Tatiana is able to control animals, most specifically wolves

*Weapons Used:
She has trained herself in many different styles of weaponry since old enough to hold a sword.

Background Information:
*Marital Status:
Courted by Griffin Templar
*Blood or Soul Bonds:

Tatiana was born in 1431 to the Prasnaglava family in Wallachia who were loyal to the Drakulya family, her father faithfully served Vlad Dracul the Second (Also known as Vlad the Dragon) until his death when she was fourteen. At that time she became a ward of Duke Vlad. As a result it was his choice of who she would marry.

Tatiana was betrothed to Roman Dumitru six months later and was married to him on her fifteenth birthday. Roman proved to be a doting husband to his young bride, making up for the odd schedule that he kept and while she didn’t love him, she did care deeply for him. When she was seventeen he finally confirmed her suspicions and with her permission turned her and taught her how to survive.

Roman died in 1476 beside Prince Vlad Dracul on the battlefield near Bucharest and was decapitated by the Turks who saw fit to send his body back to Tatiana in pieces. Misc Information:
  • Tatiana has a companion by the name of Nicodemus Dacien, a Roma and another Chylde of Roman’s. The two have had an on and off relationship since Roman‘s death. However they act more like siblings than true lovers.
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