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Kijer... Kye... Datari, like his cousin Bryhon, saw too much, too soon during a time of war. Unlike his cousin Bryhon, Kijer was old enough to be controlled by a killer - his commanding officer. His only way out was suicide, and one so slow his Commander, Rhoen Ithasuir, wouldn't realize it was intentional.

Kijer's poison of choice was alcohol. He was eventually dishonorably discharged from the Silver Legions, and exiled from his House by his father, Kesser Datari.

His salvation was far more gentle than Bryhon's. He was kidnapped and forced into sobriety by his childhood friends, Eshtai and Estir Aeydan. Eshtai gave him a reason to stay sober.

In time, he too was Broken. The latent Storm Rider genes that plague the Datari line were activated, but that is part of another story.

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