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"There are places... real, actual places... that don't trade with coin. You can get anything you want, but it's paid for in blood... and when you run out of that, there are other ways to pay for what you need, for what you want, for what you can't live without."

"I know all about those places."

Bryhon's salvation came at a high price, one he never imagined he'd pay. His life began during war, his skills were refined in battle. He was Broken by addiction, a Lost Son of the Storm. Fueled by hate and pain, he dug a grave for himself and when he died at the bottom of it, he offered his soul up for sale.

Only one god was willing to save him, one of the Shunned Seven, and hers is the mark Lust.

His soul was broken in two, and in the space between, a Rider rose from the icy depths to bind him together. He is the blade reforged.

And now he's fighting for the empire he once vowed to destroy.

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Zone : Forge
House of Pain
The Diirlathe

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Through the Fire

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