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The son of Araxmarr and Task Diamondwood, younger brother of Mira Badb Catha, Cal is in line for the throne due to his sister's abdication. She didn't want it... he does. He'll be good at leading, good at holding the Keep... if he can learn to rein in his own ambitions, IF he can get the right people in the right positions, IF he can pull his own Black Guard together.

This is Cal's only love - the Black Throne.

I've been tried, and you know I've been tested
But I won't back down, no I'll never surrender
I've seen the proof, I know the truth
This is what I was made to do

I was born for this
I was born for this
I get hit, and I might start bleeding
But I'm not on the floor, staring at the ceiling
I'll give you something to believe in
About to show you now that it's more than just a feeling

I was born for this

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Zone : Forge
House of Pain
The Diirlathe

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Through the Fire

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