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I see the girls go by dressed in their summer clothes.
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.

Daemon's eternal loyalty to Araxmarr, the then-Vesahd of the Black Empire, was bought. The cost of the purchase was a promise. As a youth, Daemonorel was sold by his own father, the Vor'iil of a deeply indebted Black House Minor, to Araxmarr's sire, Nargus IV, Emperor of the Black Throne, to pay for a small portion of his gambling debts.

Defiant, Daemon was beaten and raped, used for a chew toy, then slated to be publicly executed in the arena. An advisor to the young Vesahd saw an opportunity to begin building the foundations that would support future Emperor's throne. Daemonorel was sold once again, but for the final time... to Araxmarr.

The Vesahd promised Daemonorel he would never forsake him, never ask him for more than he was willing to freely give. He would feed him, clothe him, and teach him to read... and Rax made good on his vow. Daemon is the first of the four corners of the Black Throne. He has been Araxmarr's First Captain of the Black Guard, his Hunting-mate, and best friend through Madness and Grief, Flame and Chaos, and he will continue to serve his Emperor until the day he dies. He is the Chosen of Ny-emarr, the three-faced goddess of life and death, bondmate to her elven Velk-hairee, Silverthorn Badb Catha, and father to her children, and to their own.

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