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There is a darkness in us all. It is what we choose to do when the darkness threatens to consume us that makes us who we are.

Mira was the first, and for a while, only, child of Callan (Araxmarr) Blackthorn and Task Diamondwood. She was born at a time when mixed-bloods and half-breeds were unwelcome in the Black Keep. She was also the first Vesai, the first daughter born the Imperial family in several generations, that was allowed to live. She not only lived, but she thrived and proved herself worthy to take the throne should no other heir be born.

But another heir was born, in time. A little brother, Cal. And in time, Mira willingly chose to give her little brother her claim to the throne. Marriage, children, and the life as a diplomat was far more appealing to her than that of assassin and Empress.

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