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The Xun of Sihnon were an old family. Older than memory almost. And of pure blood of Ch'in. First among the families of Sihnon who held to the old ways, the Xun were as close to royal as it was possible to be in the society of the Alliance. To be Xun was to be privileged beyond the imagination of most..

Xun Ke tou was the only daughter of Xun Jian xiang and, as such, was as spoiled a princess as only such a daughter could be. Educated, cultured and with a life mapped out from birth to death by the time she was three, Ke tou was a perfect daughter until her father sent her to Shadow to negotiate for breeding stock from a ranch owned by the Wyldan family. That's where she meet Joss and the oh so carefully crafted thread that was her life was shredded.

Joss was the third of the Wyldan boys and really didn't have much of a desire to be a rancher. He was a tinkerer and a man always looking at the horizon like he needed to go find out what was there. If there was ever an explorer born, it was Joss Wyldan.

Ke tou had never really known what it was that had prickled at the back of her soul. Not till she met him. It took all of one summer but the two were hopelessly in love and nothing either family --or Joss' oldest friend from one ranch over, Mal Reynolds, could say to change their made up minds to marry.

Ke tou's family disowned her. They couldn't strip her of her considerable fortune for she was no fool -- she'd started liquidating and moving out of any Xun family business early on. Well before her father got wind of what was happening. But her name was stricken from the Book of Ancestors and everything she had left behind was burned.

She and Joss didn't care though. They had each other. And like many young folk in love they thought they would have each other forever...

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