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Race: Tau'ri' Ascended Tau'ri (briefly); Prior (briefly)
Home planet: Earth
Born: July 8, 1965

"You are... brilliant. One of the most caring,'re the type of person who would give his own life for someone he doesn't even know. If you had one fault, it was that you wanted to save people so badly, you wanted to help people so much, that it tore you apart when you couldn't make a difference." ―Samantha Carter

Daniel Jackson, Ph.D., is an archaeologist and linguist from Earth, and a member of SG-1, Stargate Command's flagship team.

After his wife, Sha're was kidnapped by the Goa'uld, Apophis in 1997, Daniel reluctantly returned to Earth and later ended up joining the SGC's flagship team, SG-1 in the hope of saving her but wasn't able to do so as both she and her symbiote, Amaunet were killed by Daniel's teammate, Teal'c of Chulak in 1999.

In spite of that tragedy, Daniel chose to stay on with SG-1 up until 2002 where he ascended after being left with a lethal case of radiation poisoning.

Following his ascension, Jonas Quinn took Daniel's place with Daniel walking among the Ascended for over a year before he descended and eventually rejoined SG-1 in 2003.

As such, Daniel remains a member of SG-1 to this day and is also a veteran member of the team, having served on SG-1 longer than any of its current members which include Teal'c, Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Vala Mal Doran.

In addition to that, Daniel remains a huge asset to Stargate Command due to the fact that he is also the person responsible for deciphering and unlocking the Stargate for the United States Air Force. He is also currently the foremost expert in Ancient language and history with Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay, Chief Science Officer of the Atlantis Expedition presumably a close second to Daniel.

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