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The day went by slowly with Union sitting outside enjoying the cloudy sky which rumbled in the distance promising rain. He walked the grounds and got his bearings of the Manor, all the while his thoughts were consumed of Violet and Narcissa. Night would come again, and they would awake, then he thought to himself the fun would begin.

Five years…five long years of wandering, wanting, and when he found another such as he, he ended up slaughtering her while she slept, and fed upon her heart. Sometimes the man could swear he could still hear the girl’s voice within his mind, and at other times he believed his dreams were moments of her life. Sleep, he did it rarely now, going days at a time before closing his eyes.

Now he was back within the comforting arms of the manor. He moved within the walls of the mighty home after the last rays of the sun filtered from the heavens and the blackness claimed the land. The first sprinkles fell upon the soil when he closed the door blocking out the world. Going to the bar, he carefully poured himself another drink and listened to the breathing of the many within the walls. He could hear them all, each heart beat, every scent…

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Jul 15, 2011 06:11 am

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