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Newly returned from the court of Archduchess Margaret of Austria, Chiara is the only daughter of Nygell of Tamworth. Being with Margaret had given her the same polish and sophistication that had been Anne Boleyn's when she had herself returned from the Courts of Austria.

This turned out to be of great help when her father needed to find a place for Chiara at Court. The young Lady's bloodlines were more royal than the King's but the Devereux family had long ago perfected how to not become involved in the bloody and terrible wars that one's ancestory could cause. Being of ancient royal Mercian blood through a cadet line of those kings meant the family was respected but not threatening to either the Red or White Roses.

Between her family's suitably noble lineage and the carefully honed gentlewoman's skills taught by Margaret during Chiara's time at her Court, there was little doubt that Nygell would be able to place his daughter where Queen Anne's gaze would fall upon her. And, so it went. The Queen liked what she saw and chose to bring Tamworth's daughter under her wing.

So, Chiara is beginning to find her way among the shark filled waters that are the Queen's Chambers...

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