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July 2001 Brilliant Idea
Brilliant Idea February 2003

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Supporters Bronze Medal
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Welcome to my per. I am sorry I am unavailable to personally meet with you. I am currently attending to the affairs of Kemit as Vizier and Queen to UserMaatRa Ramesses. If you leave a message with me, I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

I am honored to have recieved the following:

PiRamesses Writting Award

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Story Writing awarded by Wenre

Virtual PiRamesses

Friend of Pharaoh

Pharaoh’s Award….

It is my honor to confirm this award to Swanlara Ramesses, our Vizier and my right arm. Since Swanlara has been with us I can’t count the number of times she’s gone above and beyond the call of her position to help me with PiRamesses and our cyber sites. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in PiRamesses was appointing Swanlara to the Vizier position, she’s more then earned my respect and friendship! Swan’s dedication to Pi equals or surpasses any member in Pi including mine. Swan, its more then a pleasure to grant you this award and its long overdue. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to the many years we’ll spend together leading PiRamesses to bigger and better things…

Yours in Friendship


I am Very Honored to have recieved an award from the Publishers of Pan Historia

The Panegyric Award is giving out to members of Pan Historia that have shown their enthusiasm and commitment to the site in a variety of ways from posting, to ideas, to assisting other members, to running great novels and reference books.

I am also proud to have received this award for the Pan Historia Birthday Book

Congratulations to PiRamesses!
They have won Pan Historia's very first Best Dressed Award for the excellence of their dust jacket in highlighting the content of the group, elegance, originality, and helpfulness to its members.

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A Gift from DezertDwellers House Hippo Farm

A rather small hippo that lives in your homes,in your closets ,under your beds,under your dressers.They nest with bits of fluff ,old socks and other small fluffy stuff. They come out only at night,to forage for food.The Little hippo only eats crumbs,bits of crackers chips bread, but its fav is penut butter.They even like to play in it just like mud. They only grow 6 inchs in height.

I just had 5 sows give birth and 20 teenagers ready to go.I hope everyone that recieves one as a gift treats them with love and kindness.

Thank you to a dear friend who designed this set

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The Children of God's Body - Out of Print

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