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Molo, hello.

I am Ingcuka of Birnin Bashenga, Wakanda. My name means “wolf.” I love soukous music and Ndebele art.

Wakanda Forever!


Early American Narratives

In Early American Narratives, I am Ingcuka of the Bahindiro clan in the Kingdom of Rwanda, and I have quite a tale to tell. The current king or mwami of Rwanda is Yuhi IV Gahindiro (reigns 1746-1802, or 1795-1825, or 1746-1853!), and I am from the same clan as he. He is a wise and peaceful king; however, my family was unhappy.

Coming from the ruling class, I am Tutsi and come from pastoralist/cattle-herding warriors. However, the line between Hutu and Tutsi hasn’t been hardened and racialized by the Belgians yet, and my mother was Hutu. Her brother, my uncle, was part of the abiiru/abiru or council of advisors to the king, who are all Hutu. However, by the mid 18th century, the abiru were marginalized, so my mother and uncle were unhappy. My family was also unhappy in the land that had been given to us by the king, who gives land to individuals, not lineage groups, and our cattle weren’t doing very well, either. Because of this, my brother and I eventually made our fortune elsewhere.

Rwanda has a thriving trade, and Yuhi IV Gahindiro has established diplomatic and economic relations with various coastal rulers. My brother met Portuguese explorers who were following the routes established by Swahili-Arab slavers going from the coast to the interior. After really making sure the Portuguese weren’t taking him permanently, he did travel with the explorers for a few months before coming back and telling us all about it, and our king was quite interested, too.

When our parents died, our king asked my brother and I to go to Portugal to better understand their alien ways and be an advocate, and the king would recompense our surviving relatives. So we went to Portugal, but there the men we were with found a frosty reception, so they immigrated to Martha’s Vineyard in the colonies just before the war with England started, and because this allowed us to learn about a second country, and they were the only people we knew, we went with them. Being good at languages, my brother and I have no problem learning a new language. I am, however, concerned that this war will never end and I can never go home.

We ended up going to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, which has a small Portuguese population during the colonial period.

Blacks have been at Martha’s Vineyard since the 1600s, although many were originally West African slaves who worked the farms. Massachusetts prohibited slavery since 1780 and abolished it completely in 1783. So now the ex-slaves are servants. We live by Oak Bluffs harbor, which is in the north of the island and has freed slaves, laborers, and sailors, and some fish, or they own land.

I am excited to learn and experience new things, but eventually, I will get homesick and get tired of being in a fishing area, as my home is a landlocked kingdom. My brother is involved with the war against England. Since we know about cattle, he owns a dairy farm.

Some want to call me Isabella, but I don’t answer to that name. They try to call my brother Chauncey, but he doesn’t answer to that, either.

Life on Martha’s Vineyard is all about fish. The original inhabitants, the Wampanoags, who still live in the southwest of the island, taught white folk how to hunt for whale. There are also farms, and lots of butter and cheese production.

When the colonies broke from England, people on the island said they were neutral, but in 1775, the British began closing ports. On September 10, 1778, British Maj. Gen. Charles Grey, 40 British ships, and over 4,000 troops sailed into Homes Hole, burned Island vessels and took over 10,000 sheep and 300 cattle from us. Grey’s men also looted the island and destroyed two saltworks. They left on September 14, but the Island is still recovering from this blow, and all of us became Patriots.

(Homes Hole comes from the Wampanoag for “old man,” and “hole” means a sheltered inlet. In the 21st century, it’s called Vineyard Haven harbor). Homes Hole/Vineyard Haven harbor is the main habor, being larger than Oak Bluffs harbor, but it is also in the north, with Oak Bluffs is just east of it, so we would have been hit hard by Grey’s men.

Despite this blow, I am excited to learn about this alien-to-me society. I am interested in reading about the experiments of Benjamin Franklin, especially his experiments with electricity. However, being a woman not formally educated in science, it looks strange, so my brother teases me but gets books for me and attends lectures with me. I am also interested in medicine, and I wish I could be an inventor. My brother is interested in politics, but I am not. My brother and I are both interested in genealogies. We both hate the cold.

Cyamatare - my brother
Estêvão - friend of Jaime
Jaime - friend of Estêvão, sister is Rebeca
Rebeca - brother is Jaime
Samuel - friend of everyone


Star Wars

In Star Wars I come from Batooine in the “southwest” part of the galaxy. People say it is a strange section where my world can be thought of as either Mid Rim or Outer Rim, and the moon that orbits my world was once mistaken for a planet, but I like it.

The rest of the galaxy has recently learned about Bastooine. They have learned there is a race there called the Kentra, a race of intelligent, winged, felines, who are divided up into the Jungle Folk, the Spotted Folk, the Brown Folk and the Striped Folk. The outside galaxy learned of Bastooine when a Jedi Knight crash landed on our planet. The Kentra were impressed with his teachings and turned the teachings into a religion.

However, I am not of the Kentra, although I am on friendly terms with them; the Kentra call my people the Good Folk. I, like the Jedi, am strong in the Force.

I travel from planet to planet, learning things and helping where I can, based on the agenda given to her by my brother. I am curious and want to not only learn about technology, but I also want to learn how to actually build things. I want to experience culture and understand other races.


Francesco Bandarin [CC BY-SA 3.0-igo (], via Wikimedia Commons
Francesco Bandarin [CC BY-SA 3.0-igo (], via Wikimedia Commons

Ndebele art in Maastricht:
Kleon3 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Lake Kivu. By MONUSCO Photos (Lake Kivu) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Star Wars: The Saga
Early American Narratives
The Lion's Den

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Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction
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