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Lucca’s past is virtually unknown, spotty at best… as most of the truest facts are deeply embedded within his own mind. And of his Mother and Father? Any siblings? The rumors also mentioned that this specific family of Arcasian lived in Venezia… amongst the Serbian families of the Greek mercantile community in Sestiere Castello. It was also the location of his father’s murder by unknown assailants when Lucca was young.

And the Mother… though silent, feared Lucca, even at the age of 7, the year that his Father died. And shortly after he turned 10 years old, he lost his mother… she too reportedly murdered, by a highwayman. There have been no records, or rumors, of any siblings.

Upon the death of his parents, instead of being taken in by the people of his village, he was placed within the Church… And the Church kept his familia name, Arcasian, Serbian meaning, for pastoral, suggesting simple, innocent contentment. Maybe this was a ploy to hide his past and make placement for adoption easier; the true reasons are unknown.

But Lucca was far from innocent… or content. And in his first year with the Church, he had set fire to the alter, stolen and sold the gold crosses, and was severely punished several times for fondling nuns. By the age of 13, he had declared himself free, belonging to no one… run away from the Church, and changed his own name to An’R-Kee.

Lucca was not heard from for many years… but if anyone knew where to look, there were Church records in Novi Pazar, Serbia containing the name Arcasian, annotated in marriage of Lucca to one Anna Kerish… the birth of Tomas Arcasian … and the death of both Anna and Tomas Arcasian. That was the same year that the Austrian forces occupied Serbia… and many Serbs, including the Greek Venetian; where Lucca, fought in the Habsburg free corps, perfecting his organizational and military skills. But in the years of service, he also made a dubious name for himself… as the evils of the world ate at him from within.

Then there were rumors of other women for An’R-Kee… ones just as mysterious, and deadly, as he. But the name An’R-Kee slowly became associated with fear and death in other places of Europe. Though the face remained unknown, the name became the embodiment of evil and decay; a particular kind of insidious evil. It was rumored that the man, by the name An’R-Kee, was not only dishonest and cruel, but dubious and remorseless…

His mind reflected back into the days of dark shadows... days wrapped in black... back to his former life... as a farmer and business man in Novi Pazar, Serbia. There he had a wife and a child... one, Anna Kerish… and their 2-year-old son, Tomas. But the year had been long and tedious, as Austrian forces invaded Serbia. And that year many Serbs, including the Greek Venetian, Lucca, fought in the Habsburg free corps, perfecting his organizational and military skills. And his rise in authority led to such actions that, unknowingly resulted in the death of both Anna and Tomas An’R-Kee.

The official story by the Serbian government was soldiers in a raiding party had been attacking the villages and farms nearby... but the word on the street and evidence he found led to a particular miscalculated hit by an assassin. It seems that the Austrian General in Serbia hired an assassin to kill the man who motivated the farmers to become warriors... the man that led the people against the invaders. But to cut off the snake’s head, you had to lure the snake from his hiding place. And this assassin had just missed the man but killed his family as for retribution; the cause for the retribution, unknown.

With their death, he endured pain... pain led to hate... hate led to the hunt... and the hunt lingered on... and years passed... things changed... each barely missing one another’s attack upon the other... a deadly game of cat and mouse ensued... and after so long... after all the pains they endured... the moment he had her under his blade, he couldn’t... Her eyes so green... her lips red like blood... her hair so wintry brown... With one heavy sigh, he knew he was done... and he gave her the blade and asked her to kill him... Alas, that failed too... and the rest, as they say is history.

He would not awaken until she revived him... for he was in, and of, the shadows...

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