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Edward Howard Frayne, 9th Earl of Carlisle, currently a London police investigator and amateur painter, stands 5’11” in bare feet, and weighs in at 180 pounds, with high cheekbones, pouty lips, dark mysterious eyes, and hair of dark brown. Being ambidextrous, he favors his left hand but is equally efficient with both. Edward was born in London, to an English aristocrat, as the son of Charles Howard Frayne, 7th Earl of Carlisle. His mother was the Honorable Mary Parke, daughter of James Parke, 1st Baron of Sunderland.

Growing up, Edward always portrayed the analytical child, not the active, adventurous, athletic type... And thru the years was shunned by the other children of the rich and London elite for his reclusiveness in studies and play. He grew to dislike the ways and means of the rich and “noble”. Being ambidextrous, he was teased by his financially fortuitous peers about not knowing left from right, and right from wrong. But safely at home in Carlisle, he would soothe his inner strife by reading, and inducing himself into stories and mental visions of the days of King Arthur and his Sarmatian Knights.

In an arranged marriage, linking the properties of Wensleydale Estates and Carlisle Castle, lands that controlled the main road between York and Carlisle... he married the Honorable Rosalind Frances Stanley, daughter of Edward Stanley, 2nd Baron of Wensleydale. But the 4-year marriage to Edward was little more than a farce, but a woman had such little rights when it came to divorce and she would not belittle nor smear his name, or her name for that matter, by asking for a divorce. It was November when it happened. She had invited Edward to the theater but naturally, he did not show in time as was his modus operandi as a police investigator sergeant, too wrapped up in work, she assumed, letting her temper fester behind a well-placed smiling mask as she went into the establishment. It was 11:22 pm when her body was discovered in an alley way several blocks from the theater. She had been strangled and her money and jewels had been taken. A robbery gone bad, it had been called.

Five Years later he was in another arranged marriage... Claudia Darrow (Frayne) from Rockford Plantation, Northern New York, America, the daughter of Henry and Charlotte "Lotte" (Rockford) Darrow of London, England, and heiress to the Rockford name, fortune and everything therein, lived under a hated step-mother and a loving, but jaded, father, was blamed for doing things she was not doing. Claudia learned to hate, from her 'new mother', and by the time she was ten, her father, caught up in the middle of a sniveling wife who claimed his daughter hated her and a whining daughter blaming all on her step mother, stood by his wife's side and sent Claudia to New York City to attend Mrs. Mench's School for girls. Receiving a letter from her father that though his old friend in England, he had arranged a marriage for her to one of his old friend's sons, a one Edward Howard Frayne of London, England and that he was settling a dowry of 20,000 pounds on her marriage to Edward. Though London had been the home of her parents, she had never stepped foot upon its lands; but bags were packed and she was escorted for the land of her family and the waiting man she did not know, but would call “husband”.

Edward, at age 23, enlisted in the London Metropolitan Police and was appointed to J Division (Seven Dials) with the Warrant Number 42666. Edward so impressed his superiors that they promoted him to Sergeant two years later. On his promotion, he moved to R Division (The Rookery). Throughout that year, he investigated neo-Luddite activities as a plain clothes officer; yet accolades found him promoted to Inspector two years later, and three days after that, was transferred to Scotland Yard.

And so, came his marriage and his appointment to Inspector Lieutenant in charge of Criminal Investigations Division, Scotland Yard. Always interested in technology, and finding himself as an Inspector, Edward began to involve his “steam” gadgets in his police work. But still... Edward would find himself deeply involved with his cases, which soon took on personal meanings to him... It was then he found that absinthe could help in soothing the mental anguish of his work in criminal investigations.

Edward likes the women; absinthe; the thrill of new technology for police investigations; steammachinations (What he calls steam machines). And dislikes politics of the rich and the nobility; the thought of death by the hands of another; crowds; being married, but loves his wife.

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