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William is modest and has remained a stoic pillar in personality throughout all his life. He is widely remembered in tales of war, exploration, and big game hunting as balanced blend between a gentleman officer and epic wild man. He remains a classic, romantic portrait of a proper Victorian-English gentleman, one whose real life adventures and exploits of almost epic proportions.

He eats less than most men, and drank only tea, which he enjoys, at every meal. Sometimes he drinks champagne at big dinners; and rich wines or a good whiskey now and then, especially on the occasional accounts of meeting old friends. Also, he is fond of his pipe and tobacco, which he would share moments of tobacco times with Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. All these never amounted to excess, except for tea, a fact that further promoted him as the Englishman ideal. But the deaths of his family members sometimes bear weightily upon his mind and demeanor.

For Religion, tis none that he can hold on to… but he did believe in God, and often had harsh conversations regarding God’s handling of the world. "Praise the God of all, drink the wine, and let the world be the world."

Bestowed with exceptional qualities in a man, he excels at the English sports: cricket, rugby, swimming and lawn tennis, he loves outdoors the best, developing a rugged and robust physique by trekking, packing, marching, and hunting for so long. He is also known as an accomplished rider, he waged war and hunted much on horses. He is an expert marksman.

If there is one striking feature in his anthroposcopy*, it is his wonderful eyes, as clear and as sea-green as the open sea. Nearly everyone who comes in contact with him notices his eyes. They are the eyes of the man who looks into the beyond vast spaces. Instinctively one sees in them the hunter and the man of wide views. He is adored by all his friends, and even perfect strangers seem to come under his magnetism at the first introduction.

* anthroposcopy - The art of discovering or judging of a man's character, passions, and inclinations from a study of his visible features…. basically the assessment of a person's character or personality.

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The Next Adventure
Tales of the Clockwork Empire
Penny Dreadful
Midnight Tapestry

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Primrose Brasswright
Lovina Abbott
Amelia Ravensdale
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Cordelia Sinclair
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Darciana Hemmingway
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Astrid Fox

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Tales of the Clockwork Empire
Penny Dreadful
The Cradle of Legends
Midnight Tapestry
Reino de Castilla
Sacred and Profane
Ah! L'amour!

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