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Hello! I am Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia, but there is no need for such formalities so you may call me Tatiana. So many newspapers have spelt my name as 'Titiana' (as in the Fairy Queen in Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream) that I am surprised friends and family have not started calling me that yet. Tatiana is much prettier, wouldn't you agree?

I am the second daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and his consort Alexandra Feodorovna, and I was born at Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg on the 24th May O.S at 10:40am. I was the smallest out of my siblings, being 8 1/4 lbs and 54cm long at birth. So I was very tall, and still am to this day!

My hair is a dark brown, although in my youth it was described as auburn, the darkest out of my sisters (Olga's being the lightest-a blonde!-followed by Anastasia-who seemed to get her hair colour from our Mama-and Maria, who's brown hair is covered in "golden lights") and my eyes are blue. Do not listen to the people who say they are brown or grey, grey possibly, but brown?!

While Olga and Maria take after Papa's side of the family, Anastasia and I resemble Mama's. Although, and this is just me, but I seem to share a resemblance to the paintings of my great-grandmother, Maria Alexandrovna, who was Papa's grandmother and Mama's great-aunt. The eye shape is particularly striking in regards to myself, so maybe I do resemble my dear, kind Papa after all. I do however have a very notorious squint, but that's only when my siblings are being rather annoying and giving Mama a headache. It sounds like I do not love them - that is not the case, we are all rather devoted to one another!

I have three sisters; big sister Olga (my roommate and best friend in the whole world!) and little sisters Maria and Anastasia (our imp, or as we call her "Shvibzik"). We sisters go collectively as "OTMA" and we would not have it any other way; we dote on our little brother Alexei, the youngest of our family, so we call him Baby.

My favourite scent to use is Jasmin de Corse, and I am constantly told I am the most beautiful out of my sisters because of my aristocratic appearance. In 1900 a British magazine called Woman at Home wrote that "the flower of the flock, as far as looks are concerned … is Grand Duchess Tatiana". Even my own father wrote that I was "a very beautiful child." When I was 8, my tutor Pierre Gilliard said that I "was prettier than her sister Grand Duchess Olga".

I do not know about that; Marie is quite beautiful herself and Olga and Anastasia are not even that ugly. In terms of looks the four of us were definitely blessed; some of our relatives are not so lucky. A friend of we girls once said it was because of the generations of inbreeding, but I do not think she meant to actually say that out loud. It was quite funny, and very true!

Our tutors once said I was a practical, nurturing leader and so I was given the nickname "the Governess", not just because of my proclaimed dominant but maternal ways, but also if we wanted a favour we had to ask me to get Papa to grant it; I was the group representative when we wanted our parents to grant a favor.

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The Romanovs - One Last Dance

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Mashkas Tea Room

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Aleksandra Feodrovna
Anastasia Nikolaievna
Elizaveta Nikolaevna
Nicholas II
Alexei Nikolaevich Tsarevich
Olga of Russia
Marie Nikolaievna
Christopher of Greece
Olga Nikolayevna

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The Romanovs - One Last Dance

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I love this! It's fun to 'see' the little ones enjoy a Romanov tradition, even if it's in another country.
Jan 03, 2020 03:04 am
Good Characterisation
Oct 07, 2019 04:59 pm
Love seeing Christo's family & learning about palaces!
Jul 14, 2019 12:04 pm

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