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Thomas Albert Squire, MD

Age: 40

Rank: retired Captain (Field Medical)

Birthdate: 14th November 1898

Birthplace: Harrogate, West Riding of Yorkshire England

Current Residence(s): Great Langton, North Riding of Yorkshire (PT) and London (PT)

The Squire Family

Joshua Albert Squire,Doctor *deceased*

Sophia Rose (nee Bishop) Squire

Issue(s) of late Dr. Joshua Squire and his wife, Constance Squire

Julia Rose (nee Squire) married with children living in Harrogate, West Riding of Yorkshire

Thomas A. Squire, MD. retired Captain and not married

Samuel Edward Squire married with children and living in Cornwall. His position: Royal Navy Physician

Agnes Sophia Squire, Nurse

Friends of the Family:

Maeve Millwood, engaged to Doctor Spencer. (Philip Carlisle is secretly in love with Maeve)

Annalise Tate (Jewish background and cousin to Maeve) Artist

Biography of Thomas A. Squire, MD

Born and raised in Harrogate of West Riding of Yorkshire of a very prominent family. Thomas is the eldest son of four children of the late Doctor Joshua Squire, a prominent Doctor also a Professor of Medicine and his wife, Constance (nee Bishop) Squire, who is retired Nurse. The late Doctor Squire, Thomas’ father brought in all the Millwood children into the world with the help from his wife, Constance. The Squire family and the Millwood family have remained close friends for years; even after the sudden death of Doctor Joshua Squire.

About Thomas, the eldest son. He has an older sister, younger brother and younger sister.He is considered to be what anyone woman’s dreams of, a tall, dark haired and handsome. Thomas has dark brown hair, and blue-gray eyes and his appearance is about late thirties to early forties with slight muscular built He is a University graduate as well as Medical school graduate with many years of residency mostly spent in his adopted home town called Great Langton of North Riding in Yorkshire. Thomas spent his time as a physician between Great Langton and London.

Thomas is caring and patient individual, sometimes head strong, He is also a bit of romantic between his healing his patients, he enjoys reading, writing, and horseback riding. Little did he know that everyone knew that he was deeply in love with Maeve, the beautiful twin sister of Lt. Charles Millwood.

Thomas is caring and patient individual, sometimes head strong, He is also a bit of romantic between his healing his patients, he enjoys reading, writing, and horseback riding. Thomas is also a retired military officer, who served in the Great War as a Field Medic working in the front lines until he was injured and returned to civilian life as a physician.

Doctor Spencer has been in love with Maeve what seems like forever. Maeve's parents noticed right off. When Vice Admrial Millwood got seriously ill, Doctor Spencer arrived and took care of Maeve's father. Even Maeve's father noticed the look from Dr. Spencer towards his youngest daughter. Few years later, when Vice Admiral Millwood had a heart attack and was healing. Vice Admrial Millwood told his young Doctor Spencer go and propose to his daughter someone will.

It was in the walk in the garden that Thomas proposes to Maeve and they became engaged that every day.

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