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Honourable Maeve Elinor Millwood

Nickname: Mae

Age: 22

Birthdate: November 5, 1916

Birthplace: Great Langton, North Riding of Yorkshire, England

Current Residence: Millwood Manor, Great Langton (PT) and London, Chelsea (PT)


The Millwood Family

Parents: Sir William Edward Millwood (Vice Admiral of the Royal Navy) and his wife, Beatrice (nee Langton) Millwood


Patrick George Millwood married with a family, MP for Brompton by Northallerton, North Riding of Yorkshire constituency and is married with family.

Charlotte Beatrice (nee Millwood) Armstrong and is married to a Major David Armstrong of RAF and has a family.

Harriet (Hattie) Emily (nee Millwood) Lombard, married to Lt Colin Lombard serving in the Royal Navy and also has a family and lives in Dover. (Lombard family is friends with Millwood family.)

Charles Albert Millwood, Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force.

Maeve Elinor Millwood

Close Family:

Grace Langton - Cousin to Maeve Millwood

Close Friends:

Thomas Nathaniel Squire, Dr. Squire, engaged to Maeve. He is also a close friend of the Millwood and the Tate families. b>

David (Weimin) Mǎ (Ma)- He is friend of the Langton family and a love interest to Grace. Unbeknownst to Grace, he is a Chinese Police Detective looking for her.)

The Biography of Maeve Millwood

Born and raised in North Riding of Yorkshire in a village called Great Langton of a prominent family which soon changed when Maeve’s father retired Vice Admiral William Edward Millwood oassed away from a serious illness leaving his bereaved wife, Beatrice (nee Langton) Millwood and their five children with the youngest children, Charles and Maeve, fraternal twins. Maeve’s older brother is in Parliament, her two older sisters married to service men, Charlotte married a Major Armstrong and her sister, Harriet married Lieutenant Colin Lombard. Maeve’s twin Charles is also in the military following in the footsteps of the family. For at least the youngest daughter Maeve, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and went into singing started off being taught by her mother followed by to music college, where she got a degree in music history and music theory; which lead her towards the stage either in Opera or in musical theater or as her mother would say ‘God forbid, night clubs.

About Maeve, she has been told that her appearance is beautiful with short curly ebony colored hair with blue-gray eyes and her skin a creamy white complexion. A true English beauty, who loves reading, music and horseback riding. She is caring, as well as a patient individual but also bit head strong, outspoken to things that are very dear to her heart and very independent.

During a morning walk in the garden under the advice from Vice Admiral Millwood, Doctor Thomas Spencer proposes marriage to Maeve, the young daughter of Vice Admiral Millwood and his wife. They soon became in engaged. It was the engagement party at one of Maeve’s friends; where Maeve found herself singing. During this engagement party that a nightclub owner saw Maeve singing and then offered her come down to the club in London so she can sing and be offered a job.

Soon afterwards, Maeve was headlining the Blue Orchid Club and with rave reviews. For Doctor Spencer, he wasn’t pleased that Maeve was singing at a such establishment like the Blue Orchid Club but he was very supportive to her. During the week and sometimes the weekend, he would visit her in London while on his business trip.

Little did both of them now that there was a man, who saw Maeve singing and became very obsessive of her. He was willing do anything to win her heart.

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