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I�unn Ironbear

I�unn Ironbear is a girl Viking, daring, beautiful, and often scantily clad just because words in books or on the screen don't feel the cold.

Unfortuntately, the Lords of Cyberspace have caused her name to be spelt Ithunn, but we know she is I�unn.

She and her cohort in crime, Halla Oakengoat, are travelling where no Viking Chicks have dared travel before, baring soul-secrets and midriffs wherever they venture! The Age of the Vikings will never be the same.

I'm a Pan Addict!

If I'm not feeling myself, I may be on as:

Taniko / Dr Taniko Kishimoto
Marigold Mathis DeSoto
Ginger Lopez
The Bibliophile
Nathaniel Martin
Postal Service
I may of course be on as other people, but you know how the Viking life goes!

My Novels:

Pan Historia Junction
Seldom a Single Wave: Tales of the Viking Age
Zone : History

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Alexandre De Barbarac
Harley Quinn
Major Samantha Carter
Marcella Laurentius
Halla Oakengoat

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