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In the Waystations Novel:

Name: Allard Joshua Greybourne

Nickname: Himself

Age: 34

Birthdate: April 5, 2366

Birthplace: Billings, Montana

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Build/Body type: Lean, fit

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 190

Family: Father--Gareth Joshua Greybourne; Mother--Nyssa Baird Greybourne

Brothers--Drew Alexander; Sisters--Calandra Nyssa and Helen Sarah

Uncle: David Camden Greybourne Aunt: Lisa Martins Greybourne. Cousins: Thane David and Charlotte Ann Greybourne

Grandparents: Camden Joshua (b.2315) and Belinda Cameron Greybourne (b. 2320), still living

Health: Overall good. Is prone to infrequent, stress-related migraines.

Background: Allard is Gareth’s oldest son, but rejected his position as ‘heir apparent’ of Greybourne Waystations to join the TCAF right out of high school at age 17. This has been a source of constant friction between the two men, but has taken a back seat to Allard's current situation.

Allard joined the TCAF in 2383, opting and qualifying for training in Special Ops. He and the team with which he worked--Silsbee Tremain, Dard Roberts, Ely Bonnard, Mike Bentley, Dane Foster, Myka Bering, Brander Tyler, Virgil Hilts, Dirk Trayner, and Trake Potter--were an elite squad, usually chosen for the most sensitive and dirtiest jobs. Their success rate was 99.9%. Lieutenant Allard Greybourne was the group's overall team leader, answering directly to their handler, Major Cristobal Cortez.

In 2387, Allard, Mike, and Dane were injured on a mission, and ended up in the MASH unit where Captain Bridger Walls was serving. She and Allard became friends, and when Myka Bering (the team's medical corpsman) was medically discharged as a result of wounds incurred on a later mission, he didn't hesitate to ask Bridger to take her place. The team quickly became known as Bridger's Boys, and functioned seamlessly together.

In 2389, Allard was promoted to Captain; Bridger's Boys were sent to The Coventry to replace another Special Ops team that had been all but wiped out. When they entered the room in which the ship's EO would conduct their orientation, Allard saw the woman he knew he was going to marry, her nose buried in a PDU, reading reports: Commander Lyndsey Knapp. Their relationship grew over the next few of years until, in May 2392, Allard proposed and Lyndsey accepted.

And in June, 2392, their world changed forever.

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