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Things could not have worked out better had Nygell had time to plan what was happening. He and his daughter, Chiara, had been on their way to Court as Chiara was to take a place amongst the Queen's Ladies while Nygell was going to be confirmed as Vice-Lord Justice and Lieutenant of Stafford with his son Edward replacing himn as the Custos Rotulorum of Staffordshire -- both of which appointments boded well for the family.

The Queen's early delivery had skewed Chiara's introduction to the Court as things were now in a bit of limbo as it was not at all clear when she could be properly presented to the Queen.

But Nygell was long used to the ebb and flow of the Court and its politics after surviving Henry VII's various purges of any folk related to the House of York and then Henry VIII's various excursions against the French and Scots.

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