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The air, unlit before, glows with the light of her golden crown, and her rays beam clear, whensoever bright Selene having bathed her lovely body in the waters of Ocean, and donned her far-gleaming raiment, and yoked her strong-necked, shining team, drives on her long-maned horses at full speed, at eventime in the mid-month: then her great orbit is full and then her beams shine brightest as she increases. So she is a sure token and a sign to mortal men.*

Being the goddess of the Moon is no longer what it once was. Over the centuries, Selene has found humanity moving away from worshiping her to as is proper to making her the subject of poetry and myth.

In an odd way, this was what saved her as many of her fellow Olympians fell from favor as objects of praise and worship. For if the humans did not find the desire to write of a god or goddess, they would fade into nothingness and be lost.

When in London, Selene lives at #82 Picadilly and counts among her friends many of the brightest lights of English verse. Some suspect her influence over George Gordon, Lord Byron, as the source of his poem So we'll go no more a-roving.. There are few mortals to whom Selene has revealed her true self as the end comes with pain for both she and her mortal lovers. Sending him away was hard but allowing him to stay would have been worse as time took its toll upon him but never upon his beloved Selene.

After hearing of his death, she had left London for her villa in Litochoro on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus. If the people had any suspicion of who the mysterious but kind woman who came to stay every decade or so really was, they kept them to themselves.

The year is now 1874 and fifty years means enough time has passed that Selene can now return to London without bringing undue attention to herself.

*Hymn to Selene as recorded by Thucydides

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The changing face of the moon
May 05, 2020 11:16 pm

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