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Qaa Ritt is one of the few K'zin known to the humans of the ISA and one of the most hated. As the Admiral who planned, organized and successfully carried out the conquest of the Wunderland system for the glory of the Patriarch, he was also the K'zin responsible for successfully defending the system from attack by an enemy never before encountered by humans or the K'zin.

Successful the defense may have been but Qaa knew that, should this enemy return in greater force, the Empire would not be able to hold them off for long. The Patriarch listened and dispatched him to the station called: Babylon 6. Much as it pained the warriors of K'zin to admit, they knew that if they did not find a way to work with the despised, weakling primates then neither K'zin or monkey would survive.

The character of Qaa-Ritt is based in the writings of the K'zin and Known Space by Larry Niven (and many more per his invitation). This small part of which it is my pleasure to work within.

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