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   Mankind's got it all backwards, you know? Yea, I'm a selkie alright. Look at me, do I look like the kind of guy who would turn into a big eyed, fuzzy coat, happy go lucky, 'hit me on the head with a club now' seal to you? Nah, man. Say it with me now, Sea Leopard. Leopard seal. One of the ocean predator mammals, second only to the Orca.


And yea, about that. As long as I have it with me, I can slip into my skin and become a killer whale as well. Or a porpoise, or a sea otter, etcetera. You get the picture right? Basically any aquatic mammal, I've got it down. Never tried a whale, but then I never wanted to. And no, I don't become a penguin, that's a bird. And no, I can't become a shark, that's a fish people. Shee-jus, the questions I get sometimes.

Why doesn't mankind know about the other animals we can change into? Well, for one thing, only certain family lines have that ability still. Hell, I've even heard stories about back in our history, some of my ancestors could turn into polar bears. Aquatic mammal, remember? An' for another thing, human's really aren't all that observant. We aren't always fun and friendly, bright eyed, big flippered nice guys that legends speak of. And we aren't the finfolk that they dread and whisper about either. We're basically kind of a mixture of both, I guess.

Yes, in the winter I live in Finfokaheem, and on Hildaland in the summer. Finfolkaheem is underwater, Hildaland isn't. No, I'm not telling you where they are. And no, I don't need to kidnap my lovers. Yes, I can be a bastard if you piss me off. No, I don't disguise myself as a floating shirt. Anything else you want to ask me, ask it yourself or deal with figuring it out on your own. Or not.


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