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Ḕomund of Aldberg's blood is as royal as that of the King of the Mark for he is descended in unbroken line from Ḕofor, third son of Brego while that of his brother-in-law King Théoden's is from a sister's son of Helm Hammerhand. Many a marriage has taken place between the two branches of the house of Ḕorl, the latest of which being that of Ḕomund to Théodwyn, sister of the King.

There are those that say Ḕomund is far more like the hot-headed elder son of Brego: Baldor than he is any other of his house and that Ḕomund takes too many chances in his dealings with the increasingly ominous bands of orcs who raid the Folde. But such things he dismissed as "old wives' worries" as he works to insure the safety of those under his care.

Disclaimer: this site is for entertainment purposes only. While these characters exist in the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien our use of them or any further information from his works implies no fashion of "ownership" nor does the use of any images from New Line Cinema's Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

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