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Caldwell's history with Atlantis goes back to the very first year of the Tau'ri expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy when he and the Daedalus brought through vital reinforcements that kept the Wraith from taking the City. His interactions with the command staff of the city have not always been smooth -- having been taken as a host by a Goa'uld Trust agent who tried to blow Atlantis to smithereens didn't exactly help.

Over time though, Caldwell and John Sheppard found a way to work together to support the Atlantis commanders through the attacks of the Wraith, the Asurans and the many variations of hybrids that Michael developed over the years.

Caldwell faces the same choice that Carter has to make: this is his last stint as commander of the Daedalus as she has reached the end of her active service and is being retired. He must either accept a promotion [which puts him in a desk job at the Pentagon] or retire.

Neither of which appeals to him much.

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