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As a son of a Medja, there were only two futures for Rameiamun. He would rise to command men to protect the Per'a'a or he would serve in a temple protected by his brother Medja.

As the eighth and last son, it was decided that enough of their children had been given to military service. This son would serve the Netjeru and so was given to the Servants of Amun at Amada. Since his father, Renni (named for the grandsire who had fought to retake Nefrusy for Osiris Per'a'a Neferkhabtawi) was a Commander of Archers, it was expected that Rameiamun would rise far.

Rameiamun had risen to become First Prophet of Amun at Amada and been glad to see how well things were beginning to work out but he still could not -- quite -- dismiss the increasing edge of worry from the news his brothers in the Medja were bringing back to Amada.

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