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Kawit Sobkneferu has lived a long and full life in Amada. Much history has passed by her door -- not all of it good -- but never has life been boring or too dull to bear.

In fact, there were days when she honestly wished she'd not married into the Sobkneferu family for along with their close cousins the Khafre (into which family had her sister Henite married) there was nothing less than a tribe that became hers immediately upon her marriage.

The strangeness came of she and Henite having been the only children of their parents who had themselves been only children. So when it was that when only the girls survived a pestilience that had decimated Amada killing almost half of the city's people a place for them needed to be found. Young they were when taken to wed; she by Theshen Sobkneferu and Henite by Renni Khafre but both were luckier beyond anything they had ever thought to have in their lives as over time their husbands became beloved and people no longer spoke of Kawit or Theshen -- always it was Kawit and Theshen as it also was for Henite and Renni.

Only the sad but inevitable march of time could intrude on Kawit's happiness. As it had ten inundations ago when Theshen went to the West leaving her to cope with her grief and a new role as matriarch of their family on her own.

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