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A glimpse from the corner of the eye, a trace of movement. Who is that standing in the shadows? What is her name, where does she come from and where is she going? Cold blue eyes, like the shooting irons that seem a part of her. She's Quick--and they are dead....

She's a woman with no name and an unspoken past. She wears twin Colts and kills without hesitation.

With a pair of ivory-handled shooting irons at her side, she drifts from town to town. No one knows her name, where she comes from or where she'll be going next. Only one thing is for certain. Where she goes, Death is sure to follow...

She found him, just when she wasn't looking for him, but neither was she ready to accept the fact that they belonged together. Revenge filled her to the core, that was her mission now.

Perhaps he'll wait? Only time will tell...

In the Wild As The West Texas Wind Novel:

Was a member pre meltdown and would like to participate now that its been rebuilt.

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