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Amelia Velia Ravensdale

Nickname: Emma

Birthdate: August 22, 1870

Birthplace: Cambridge, England

Hair color and eyes: Golden wavy hair and haunting brown eyes

Education: Well Educated


Alfred Edward Ravensdale (retired Physics Professor at Eton College) and his wife, Abigail (nee Millwood) Ravensdale

Issue(s): 3 sons and two daughters

Amelia Velia Ravensdale, has a ‘gift of foresight‘; which means she can see certain things in the future sometimes it could be right and other times wrong. (Photographic Memory)

Close Friend of the Family:

Professor George Challenger, (former student of retired Professor Alfred Ravensdale and love interest to Amelia)


Charles Nemor (gifted young scientist and a rival love interest for Amelia)

Biography of Amelia Ravensdale

Born and raised in Leicester, England.. Amelia Ravensdale, the youngest daughter of four children of a prominent family. Her parents are Lord Alfred and Lady Abigail Ravensdale. Amelia‘s father is a retired Physics Professor at Eton College and now member of Parliament and her mother is youngest daughter of a prominent member of the House of Lords.

During her growing up years, Amelia has been well educated from her father, and also her two elder brothers, both are Professors…Men of Science and of course, learning womanly duties as well from her mother. But when Amelia was a small child, her parents noticed something odd about their only daughter… her attentiveness would seemed to be distant as though something was wrong and then suddenly her attentiveness would be normal. Thinking nothing of it, the parents continued onward in Amelia studies and it was when Amelia was about 10 years of age, her parents really noticed that Amelia had a ‘gift of foresight’. Without looking at a newspaper, Amelia would sense something about to happen…like the stocks falling or someone famous would rise to power in some country or when disasters strikes. Sometimes Amelia would be right but there are times that her ‘gift’ would be completely useless and this would make Amelia frustrated. But along the way and with the help from the right doctor or a professor who is studying this type of science can help Amelia to control her ability as it were. Her family had some inkling that their daughter was gifted with a photographic memory when strangers suddenly appear on their front doorstep inquiring for Miss Ravensdale’s help in finding things or people.

It came upon the notice by a gifted young scientist named Charles Nemor who has been working on a secret project of his own named the Essence Machine. Little did he know that Miss Ravensdale’s gift is basically a photographic memory. Besides Dr. Nemor, there are others who would like to know their future for their own gain and have begun stalking Amelia… only to a point of her running away…The Ravensdale family have asked an old friend of the family named Professor Challenger to find their daughter before the others do. How little does he know who is he is protecting.

In the ~ Penny Dreadful ~ Novel:

The Legend of the Essance Machine

There have been stories going around about a young woman with a ‘gift of foresight’ in other words..a photographic memory. This young woman with her ability is what everyone is looking for including one particular scientist named Charles Nemor. Mr. Nemor is very gifted scientist…a bit crazy according to the locals. He is a mysterious man who appears to be in his early to mid thirties but in reality his real age is unknown. Mr. Nemor hearing of the rumors of Miss Amelia Dashwood sent out his ‘business partners' have begun stalking her.

For Miss Ravensdale whose talent is wanted by anyone is now on the run…more importantly for her own life. The Ravensdale family have asked an old friend of the family named Professor Challenger to find their daughter before the others do. How little does he know who is he is protecting and that Charles Nemar is pursuing Miss Ravensdale as a potential wife.

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