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   Danihg Zuhn Bagoon appears to be a 15 year old ordriey who was more than mistreated since he was 8 years old only now he has barely escaped his kidnappers. He really is over 1200 years old and ages a year every 80 years that goes by. This elongated life span has been greatly extended from being a werewolf and a cyborg. He doesn't appear to be a cyborg until his life is threatened or just plainly showing off to anyone. Everyone he runs across he has a very difficult time trusting and those who come to close are attacked savagely. His family was murdered by a blue werewolf called a Qillin the night he was kidnapped. This was his past though. Before then he was a happy prodigy at singing, playing musical instruments and dancing. He had good life and was a rich celebrity bu all came down in a world chaos and misfortune for poor Danihg. He was slave for nearly six years straight finally getting away from them. He seeks revenge and vows to destroy the community of Qillin's who made him into their slave. He personally wants to kill a man named Sanloke. The one who he was a personal sex slave to.He holds a very strong grudge against those especially who are Qillin. He not only runs from those he distrusts he runs because he is the son of the last devil. He doesn't want to be caught and if he were just a homo sapien he would have been killed off long ago most likely at birth or at some other time earlier in his life. He has already killed many people being more satisfied with the deaths of people. He is capable of summoning forces from the Darkness and Shadow Dimensions from which he favors. The liches he is quite fond of, just one of these days he wants to join them in death. (A pair of bright green eyes stare at you as you enter the den. At first glance you would have thought of this fellow a demon and not an ordriey. He stands up to his full six feet for a moment curling his snub nose and tapping one of his small horns. He then lies down on a bed of old leaves, straw, grass, shedded hair and feathers with a few rocks and sticks. He set one of his three toed hooves on a wooden table made from an old tree stump. "Eyyyy there I'm Danihg Zuhn Bagoon. What purpose do you have entering my den? Do you want to know what genre I am? Cause I'm not certain of that. I am currently in the fantasy but I could have been in sci fi or other? Just maybe you could possibly help me come out of my shell? Nah not yet. Not any sooner but sometime later? Ah I just love books and music." He swished his furry black scorpion like tail and outstretched his bat like wings which had sharply curved claws on the tips of them. He still was staring at you. His ears and lips pull back to reveal sharp fangs when you attempt to take a step closer. His bandit mask marking made him look more intimidating though it rather made it look more like his eyes were deep set but they weren't. He suddenly appeared to be scared of something backing into a darker corner of the den. "Do you want me to hurt you? I will hurt you with no mercy. NO! Stay back!" His voice became shrill and began to cry before disappearing into another room. ~Now what do you do? Follow the ordriey who was obviously having some sort of mental breakdown, wait until he comes back out or just plainly leave? You stand there trying to think about what do next when you hear Danihg sobbing in the other room as if he had a really bad day or is it just he's depressed about something? Did he have a traumatizing child hood? Well if he did he still looks pretty young probably about 15 years of age.)

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