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NOTE: All of Us Other Felines have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Miw, who has her own character here at Pan, remains.

I'll be adding in some things and photos for these cats as time permits - and I will reserve this space for any new cats that may appear down the road as residents. Don't wish any new ones on me just yet - I think Miw at 18+ years is too old to adapt to a juvenile bundle of energy.

We live with Miw, the cat who's been online since her birth, November 2011.

She's nearly 15 now, and we follow in her paw-prints. Never mind we are all more dominant than she. But what do you expect of a ragdoll that almost looks like Grumpy Cat? Without being Grumpy, that is. (Or looking Grumpy, either -- the paws behind Grumpy Cat are allegedly pretty mellow, too.)

We are:

Obi-Wan Kenobi, legally Bernard on his papers -- he'll explain later. Age 10. Brown tabby American curl. Definitely Alpha One. The only cat that can get a shot at the vet's and STILL want to explore the office rather than retreat to the carrier! Eats anything. (Just about.)

Orion, legally Orion. The breeders had named him Jamie Foxx, whomever that is/was -- I didn't know at the time. Not being in tune with pop figures, he got renamed. A cousin of Obi's. Silver tabby American curl. Dominant over other cats, except his lifelong buddy, Obi. Scared to death of anything three feet or taller than he is, which includes his human slave. Damnably handsome, and doesn't realize it!

Rory, tuxedo cat. Three legs, one was removed due a tumor that couldn't be removed any other way. He's a second-hand cat, dropped off one late summer day from New Jersey with his twin sister. He had a presence on Ancient Worlds via his former patrons. (Servants?) He's sort of a "gamma" cat - neither alpha nor beta. Adaptable.

CeeCee, his tuxedo twin sister, same history (but all four legs). She has NEVER warmed to the original three cats in this house. She'd make them build a wall. If any cat here can be considered grumpy beyond reason, it is she. If she were running for President, she'd be Donald Trump. She is very needy, and especially loves human laps when the temperatures are in the high nineties. Longs to be alpha but comes off petulant and thin-skinned.

None of us four are really "Founders", as we weren't even born yet before the rise of Pan Historia. In fact, we weren't even born yet when Pan re-arose from the ashes. We just ride in on Miw Meritamen's hairballs.

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