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Deep inside each of us there is another person - submerged beneath the integrity, propriety and decency we show others. Trapped there, this alter ego longs to burst free into the world and revel in the freedom to do as it pleases – without restraint! Even in the best of people it will at some time or another conquer the courtesy and respectability that person normally holds so dear. The classic struggle to keep that shadow of ourselves buried weighs heavily on humanity at times. Is it really beneficial for us to repress that which is, whether we want to admit it or not, a part of us?

Dr. Henry Jekyll went so far as to create a potion that allowed his alter ego to show himself but in a different face so that no one would associate him with Mr. Edward Hyde. The enforced separation of his two forms eventually led to his own death.

What will it mean to me? For Harmony Banebridge is nothing more than the shadow of Miss Felicity Breckenridge!

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